Donny Glover for Spiderman!

Posted by Rob Noble on June 1, 2010

So here’s an interesting thing about the internet –even the smallest little ideas can go viral.  Sure, it’s obvious, clichéd, whatever.  Videos and songs and ideas spread super-quickly nowadays.  Look at the Carl Sagan ‘Glorious Dawn’ video, or the way Ol’ Bets White ended up on SNL last month. Any idea can gain traction in our new all-media-connected-at-all-times world.  And right now the whole internet’s all agog about Donald Glover getting a chance to audition for Spider-Man Again (or whatever the re-boot’s going to called.) The AVClub, New York Magazine, Twitter, etc.

And did I call it? 
Yep.  I called it. had a post on Friday morning about the need for some new, non-whitey blood in the Spider-Man reboot.  The previous list of 5 “most possible” subjects was a room-temperature bowl of pasty pudding. So I suggested in the comments that “You know who’d be great?  Donny Glover.”  Personally, I’d love to see the guy play a nerd cooler than Tobey Maguire, even he’s if less sartorially dashing than Nicholas Hammond.

Checking the timestamps, the first poster to throw Donny Glover’s name in the ring was me. Hell, I love Community.  Why not?  Then I go out of town for a few days and when I get back, the whole internets on this story, all of them linking back to the I09 story, crediting some dude who said “How about Donny Glover” a full day after me.  Some other dude!

Man, it really is enough to make me turn in my Semi-Anonymous Internet Commenter Card. Ah well.  What say you, Marvel-loving, Peter Parker-choosing throngs?  If it was your comment that sparked the latest twitter trend and FB group, who would you like?

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