There is no set director for the Hobbit and I don’t care

Posted by Jon Wiener on June 30, 2010

Neill Blomkamp: not directing the Hobbit
Brett Ratner:
not directing the Hobbit
Guillermo Del Toro:
not directing the Hobbit
Peter Jackson:
maybe directing the Hobbit?
watch as they get progressively geekie

You know who else isn’t directing The Hobbit?  Everybody. As of now, nobody is directing and I’m fine with that.  I feel like every time I read the news (entertainment blogs), there is a new article about who isn’t directing this movie.  Is it possible that every day is a slow news day?  I can’t imagine a world in which that is possible, especially since “Knight and Day” is in theaters.

Peter Jackson gave the world three movies about hobbits, fairies, wizards, etc.  They won a ton of awards and the world got psyched because it indicated a geek uprising.  Peter Jackson, who got his start on super low-budget gore films, hit the mainstream with the “Rings” movies and played a game of “let’s see what I can get away with” by remaking King Kong.  Somehow, the world still loves him and demands MORE!

To that, I say “I don’t care”.  I don’t care if this movie (/these movies) ever get made.  Quit while you’re ahead.  All of us geeks still have 2 more Harry Potter movies.  Talk to us after that.

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