Entourage Re-cap: Game, Set, Machismo!

Posted by Jon Wiener on July 26, 2010

Johnny Drama's ping pong match

This week’s episode of Entourage finally resolves certain questions and conflicts presented so far this season.  It was also great to see that Entourage has started shooting episodes written by, what seems like, 8th grade contest winners.  I couldn’t believe some of the lame dialogue and plot devices.  Nevertheless, the world must be caught up with the gang’s business, so here we go…

Vince: Vinny chase, as we all know by now, doesn’t do much of anything.  He lives in an amazing mansion.  He appears in one major film a year (sometimes two, if he can find the time).  He probably contracts a plethora of venereal diseases.  Otherwise, he’s hanging out with his brother, Johnny Drama.  Speaking of Johnny Drama…

Johnny Drama: Ol’ John is trying to get back to work, but in order to do so, he must convince John Stamos to play opposite himself in a new sitcom about brothers.  Stamos comes to the mansion to meet Drama, but only seems to like Vince.  After begrudgingly accepting a ping pong game with Drama and losing, Stamos is super-peeved and storms off in a huff, retreating to his ping pong school in order to brush up.  You guessed it, Johnny Drama finds him and challenges him to a game.  If Stamos loses again, he does the show.  I’ll leave you hanging there.  Oh, E and Scott pop by to witness the game of the century.  Speaking of E and Scott…

E (and Scott): Last we saw these two knuckleheads, they were in a push-fest resulting in a broken dinosaur skull.  You see, E is getting jealous of Scott because he is afraid of losing his best friend and client to a slick-haired bouche dag.  Worry not, the two have reconciled and it seems like Scott is the latest addition to the gang.

TURTLE UPDATE: I was wrong about human trafficking and prostitution.  It seems as if Turtle is following this too-annoying-to-be-pretty girl to Mexico to be a part of a big tequila industry.  However, he was just brought down so that they could ask him to get Vince to endorse the product.  Dick move.  Speaking of dick moves…

Ari: Ari is one more hilariously quick-witted meeting away from bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles.  However, one former agent at Ari’s firm has left and trying to poach Ari’s clients.  Didn’t he do that a few seasons ago?

That’s about it.  Stay tuned, season’s just getting started!

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