New Harry Potterness…Accio 3D Glasses!

Posted by Jon Wiener on July 2, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that the Harry Potter books/film franchise is the coolest thing since sliced cucumbers.  The early days focus on a neglected nephew who lived under the stairs, and later becomes the most important wizard in the history of funny hats.  Over the course of 7 installments, Harry grows up and leaves the audience with a series of unforgettable “HOLY SHIT” moments.  The best part is that these moments don’t only occur in the books and films, we get posters and trailers that would make kids of all ages squee with pure delight.
Harry Potter 7

Yes, Please!

Just this past week, we’ve been blessed with just that: the above poster and 2 jean-creamingly amazing trailers.

I do, however, have two gripes.  I would much rather have one 4-hour movie, rather than having to wait for the second part of the film in 2011.  My other gripe is that this means the end of Harry Potter films, possibly until the end of time.  If I had it my way, there would be a new Harry Potter film every week two weeks (I would use the week in-between to see each film a second time).

I would like to take a second to note that, for the first time, we will be watching Potter & Co. in three dimensions, unless you choose to see it in only two.  I can’t imagine that it would make a HUGE difference, considering it wasn’t shot in 3D, but it being converted from 2D to IMAX 3D and Real D 3D.

It truly seems like the end to the Harry Potter film franchise will end with a figurative and literal bang.  The poster indicates Hogwarts in flames and the trailer shows Harry and Ginny snogging in public (Snogwarts?  Anyone?).  I have very high hopes for this.  I expect to be at the edge of my seat until the last frame is Avada Kedavra.

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