OPERATION: ENDGAME trailer released!

Posted by Jon Wiener on July 7, 2010

The Operation: Endgame trailer is out and it looks pretty incredible.  The plot seems pretty basic: There are two teams of spies/assassins.  They want to kill one another.  Seems like some good old-fashioned action.  Here’s the kicker…it looks REALLY funny!  Get a load of this cast…

Zack Galifinakis (G-Force, The Hangover, Out Cold), Adam Scott (Party Down, Parks and Recreation, Step Brothers), Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show, Breaking Bad), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development, the Larry Sanders Show), Rob Corddry (Children’s Hospital, The Daily Show, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Ten), Emilie De Ravin ([MOTHERFUCKIN'] LOST)….the list goes on.

Operation: Endgame is NOT coming out in theaters. It will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 27th.  I have already added it to my Netflix queue.

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