Rumor or Truemor: Chris Columbus to direct Superman reboot?

Posted by Jon Wiener on July 8, 2010

Warner Bros. is itching to make a new 3D Superman film and rumors are flying all over the place.  The latest is that WB wants Chris Columbus to take the helm, according to the folks over at Superman Homepage.

I am definitely a fan of Columbus and I would be very curious to see what he would do.  If this does end up happening, I have a few requests:

- A cameo from Mrs. Doubtfire
- Superman needs to fly through a Quidditch game
- Kevin McCallister

The only other name being thrown around to direct is David Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Blade), who will be writing the film.  He has worked very well with the film’s producer, Christopher Nolan, in the past.  Warner Bros, however,  is hesitant to have him direct, and I agree with their decision.  Whether or not Columbus does agree to team up, it should be a Superman reboot worth the price of admission.

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