Geeks Rejoice! ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Kicks Ass!

Posted by Jon Wiener on August 22, 2010

This summer has been filled with its share of garbage, but a few films have been noticeably mind-blowing.  The Expendables rocked the box office, Piranha 3D changed campy horror genre and Inception infiltrated our subconscious.  Sneaking into the box office ranks was Edgar Wright’s (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) astonishing comic adaptation, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

The film begins with a pixilated 8-bit version of the Universal logo and MIDI’d song.  Anybody who doesn’t crack a smile at that will probably not appreciate the rest of the film.  Scott Pilgrim looks reads like a comic book come to life.  We see panels and sound effects.  We hear whooshes.  The plot is as follows: Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) has been grieving for over a year due to a break-up with ex-girlfriend/music sensation, Envy (Brie Larson).  Ever since, he has been dating all the wrong girls – most recently, Knives Chau (Ellen Wong), a Chinese high schooler who is 6 years his junior and a major fan of Pilgrim’s band, Sex Bob-Omb.  While dating Knives, Scott meets Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and instantly knows that he needs to date her.  In order to do so, he must first battle her league of 7 Evil Exes to the death.  Each battle is unique and clever.  If you are a Michael Cera fan, you will enjoy his quirk and you can watch him beat up strong people.  If you are not a Cera fan, you will enjoy seeing him get punched in the face…a lot.  During the process, Scott Pilgrim wins points, coins and 1-UPs, much like a video game.

Each Ex provides for a stunning fight sequence.  As a vegan, I very much enjoyed Brendan Routh as the rock star Ex, who has powers derived from being vegan…because being vegan makes you better in general.  Hilarious. Pilgrim also has to fight a set of twins, an Indian pirate-wannabe, a rocker-girl (Arrested Development’s Mae Whitman), music Tycoon (Jason Schwartzman) and a skateboarding action-hero (Chris Evans).

What sets this film apart from all others is its style.  Any similar movie from this point on will be compared Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and will most likely pale in comparison.

Before this review comes to an end and I urge all readers to see this film, I want to give props to Kieran Culkin, who stole the screen during every scene in which he appeared.  Has Kieran replaced Macaulay has my favorite Culkin?

Okay, you can go see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World now.

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