‘Mad Men’ Re-cap: “The Good News”

Posted by Jon Wiener on August 9, 2010

It’s New Years and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is spending it the most tantalizing of ways.  It seems as if our belated Christmas present this week was the lack of Betty and the inclusion of the original Mrs. Draper, Anna.  Remember her?  When Don was still Dick Whitman, his war buddy died in combat.  Seeking refuge from his tortured life, Dick stole his deceased friend’s identity and became Don Draper, Anna’s husband.  Don/Dick visit’s Anna in LA regularly, so it was nice to see her in this episode.  Let’s break it down, shall we?

Don/Dick: Our fearless leader is taking a new years trip to Acapulco, with a 1-day layover in Los Angeles.  During most of this time, we see a lighter side of Don/Dick.  He can be himself, as he has no secrets while he’s in Los Angeles.  The aforementioned Anna is ailing at home with a cast on her leg, claiming a breakfast-egg incident.  With the help of her awful sister and niece, Anna is well on her way to recovery, so we think.  Season 4 is also having fun with its audience time and time again by making us THINK that he’s going to bang somebody that he never actually bangs.  He comes pretty close with Anna’s niece, until she reveals a secret about Anna.  Speaking of Anna…

Anna Draper: Anna’s injury was not breakfast related.  Her niece reveals to Don/Dick that Anna actually has cancer in her bones, making her extremely fragile (No, they don’t call her Mrs. Glass).  According to Anna’s sister, the cancer will not give her long to live, so it was decided to hide it from Anna and Don/Dick.  After finding out, he was none too pleased, but decided to honor the wishes of the family and leave things be.  Don/Dick heads back to New York where THIS happens…

Lane Pryce: This Brit’s in serious trouble.  His family is back in the UK, where he is supposed to visit for the new year.  However, a mis-hap with some flowers that were sent to his wife caused a little bit of trouble.  Lane gets a surprise visit from Don, who skipped his Acapulco trip to be back in NY.  After the two share some smooth booze, they wrangle themselves some prostitutes and go to town.

Meanwhile at SCDP…

Joan: Joanie loves Greggy.  Greggy, however, doesn’t know what to do.  He’s unhappy at home and Joan’s work schedule doesn’t work for him so much.  He’s about to leave for his duty with the armed forces, but that doesn’t really jive with Joan’s plans for the future.  These plans involve babies, but not until everything is all settled at SCDP.

Well, that’s about it for the gang in Manhattan.  Everyone else seems to be up to their boring lives, but I’m glad that we got a bit of insight into some fresh Mad Men lives.

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