This Week on ‘Entourage’: Tequila and Coke

Posted by Jon Wiener on August 16, 2010

Ever since season 1 of Entourage, Vinnie Chase has been the one guy to keep saying “Don’t worry, guys!  It’ll all work out!”  He was right.  It always did.  I have a feeling that their luck is about to change.  Maybe this is the beginning of the end, and they’re about to revert back to their troubled life in Queens.  In case you were wondering, Vinnie is still alive – he just passed out by the pool.  Makes sense, considering HBO decided on one more season, to air next summer.  Let’s take a moment to catch up with the gang…

Vinnie: Vince is living pretty hard these days.  He’s hitting the Avion (Turtle’s tequila) pretty hard and enjoying a bit of nose candy for the first time.  The influence is, without doubt, his porn-star girlfriend, Sasha Grey.  Because of his new habit, Vince startled his potential Airwalker director during a meeting due to his shaking leg and general awkwardness.  This news does not please E, who Vince has been lying to about his new drug hobby.  Speaking of E…

E: Eric “E” Murphy is still doing the engaged-dude thing with Sloan and missing out on the crazy parties at the Chase residence.  He is only slightly aware of how bonkers Vince has been acting.  Meanwhile, E has been trying to work with Billy Walsh, who has a great idea for an animation project for Johnny Drama.  Speaking of Johnny Drama…

Johnny Drama: Johnny’s not too thrilled with Billy’s idea, Johnny’s Bananas, an animated show about an ape (Johnny) who has to deal with his crazy ex and her new husband.  I would TOTALLY watch that show, though.  Spin-0ff?  I hope so!  Anyway, Johnny Drama hates the idea because he wants to be a likable leading man.

Turtle: As mentioned before, Turtle is working for his girlfriend’s family-friend’s Tequila company.  After using Vinnie’s twitter account to advertise an exclusive deal with one liquor store to purchase the booze, Turtle finds out that he was just supposed to get Vince to endorse the booze, not for Turtle to sell it.  Honestly, I don’t see why this would be bad for the Tequila company.  Turtle’s a much better liquor salesman than he was manager to Saigon.  Remember that?

Ari: It seems as if things are going well with Mr. Gold.  He got an apology from Lizzie, the former agent who has been trying to bring him down.  He also received the tapes that she had of Ari as an abusive asshole.  After her formal apology, Ari discovered that the tapes WERE leaked to an entertainment-news website (not Popstrike).  Apparently, Ari once said “You are all Cunts and Cocksuckers”.  This gentlemanly remark officially ruined Ari’s chances of bringing the NFL to Los Angeles.  Turns out they don’t deal with scandals (except dog-fighting).

Well, that’s it for now.  Let’s hope for even more insanity next week!

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