This week on ‘Mad Men’: Christmas Comes but Once A Year

Posted by Jon Wiener on August 1, 2010


This week’s episode of Mad Men brings up a few familiar issues, one of which shares a name with Don Draper’s favorite drink, the Old Fashioned.  In case you have forgotten, Don is now divorced and calling some of the shots at Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Price advertising firm.  Why don’t I cut the shit (a word that has just become introduced into the AMC vocabulary) and give a little character breakdown…

Don Draper: Ol’ Donny Boy gave the world an interesting game to play: who will he sleep with?  Last week, we met one of Joan’s friends who we expect will return to play a bigger part in the Don Draper dating-pool.  However, she was nowhere to be seen this week.  Rather, there was another player in the advertising game that seemed to fancy Mr. Draper.  Don’s neighbor, Nurse Phoebe, seems like the logical option for Don.  She’s next door and seems pretty slutty.  Additionally, Don’s assistant appeared to be somewhat friendly towards him this week.  There’s a bit of a flirtation in the office…  Spoiler alert: he bongs her after the SCDP Christmas party.

Sally Draper: Don’s oldest child, and recent lisp overcomer, has a bit of a secret admirer.  What she doesn’t know is that he’s the creepiest child ever.  That’s right!  Glen is back!  Remember the kid who was obsessed with Betty?  That’s the one.  Guess what – he’s even creepier than ever!

Glen: After running into Sally at the Christmas tree farm, where he sells twine and lanyard keychains, he calls her up using a pseudonym to talk about how weird it is to live in the same house post-divorce.  When the new Drapers are out of the house, Glen and “Shit head” break in and trash the place, mostly with eggs.  The only evidence is a lanyard on Sally’s pillow.  Wink.

Peggy: Peggy’s theme for the week is being old-fashioned.  She won’t bone her boyfriend because she’s an old-fashioned gal.  He happens to think she’s a virgin.  What he doesn’t realize is that she’s just crazy fertile!  You know what else is old fashioned?

Freddy Rumson: You may remember Freddy from a few years back.  He was let go because he made an embarrassing alcoholic mess of himself, resulting in an expensive couch-cleaning bill.  Freddy is back as a freelancer and working closely with Peggy on a new campaign for Pond’s cream.  Freddy wants the ads to feature old ladies.  Peggy, wants young women.  Old fashioned vs. new fashioned.  Freddy vs. Peggy.

Just like every other episode of Mad Men, this one was very complex and layered.  If you’re on the fence about starting it, get off the damn fence.  AMC – Sunday nights at 10pm.

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