This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Rejected

Posted by Jon Wiener on August 15, 2010


Another exciting week in and around the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office.  We shared some good news and bad news while the world crumbles around Don Draper and the galaxy that he controls.  We were also blessed with a Betty-free episode, which (according to the Next On) will not last much longer.  Let’s break this week’s episode down, shall we?

Don Draper: While conducting a focus group for SCDP’s newest client, Don’s secretary Allison storms out of the room in tears.  If you remember a few weeks back, Allison and Don wanged after the Christmas party at his apartment (Maybe the show should be called Madministrative Assistants).  After realizing that she hasn’t made her boss fall for her, she decides that she would be better off working for a female superior.  As we all know, women can sometimes be attracted to women, though.  Speaking of which…

Peggy: There are actually a few bases to cover with Peggy this week.  She has fallen in with a new crowd this week.  After meeting a LIFE Magazine employee in the elevator for their shared office complex, it appears as if a new character is interested in the baffling sex appeal of Peggy Olson.  This time, it’s a woman, and Peggy doesn’t seem too bothered by it.  She accepts her new friend’s invitation to an art show, where she enjoys a hit of weed and a neck-nibble from her new friend.  Alas, Peg spills the beans about her boyfriend, who is currently renting her vagina.  Her words, not mine.  In the midst of her exciting life, Peggy has also learned that the father of her secret-child is expecting a baby with his wife.  Speaking of which…

Pete Campbell: Nobody likes Pete Campbell, except for his wife Trudy, who just found out that she is expecting her first child.  This, however, is not Pete’s first (though he is unaware of this).  In the midst of his exciting news, Pete has been given orders to axe the Clearasil campaign, which is with his father-in-law, in order to appease the much more successful Pond’s Cream campaign, that generates a bit more money.  Pete uses this information in an attempt to get even MORE business from his father-in-law: the entire Vicks line of products, which totals to more than $6 million in business for SCDP.

That’s pretty much all that happened.  We did get a cameo from former Sterling Cooper employee Ken Cosgrove, which was nice.  I suppose Ken’s appearance does flow with the episode’s title (The Rejected).  Ken was rejected when Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce started up.  Peggy was rejected by Pete after they banged on his couch in season 1.  Peggy slightly rejected her new friend from LIFE Magazine, but I’m thinking Peggy will reconsider.  Allison was rejected by Don due to his complicated single life.  Don was also rejected by Allison in the workplace.  In real-life news this week, Elisabeth Moss was rejected by Fred Armison.

Whew!  Can’t wait until next week!

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