This Week on ‘Mad Men’: Waldorf Stories

Posted by Jon Wiener on August 29, 2010

Mad Men did a little something different this week.  Don’t worry, they still are filling their quota of 2 mentions of the word “shit” per episode.  We, for the first time, found out HOW Don Draper got into advertising.  This story is extracted from Roger Sterling’s mind, as if he was Dumbledore, peering into his pensieve.

Roger spent the bulk of this week’s episode recounting his past to his secretary in order to write his memoir.  What he didn’t verbalize is that he met Don while purchasing some fur for Jane (not his wife).  Who’s the smiling salesman?  Mr. Don Draper – that’s who!  It turns out Don does the ad[fur]tising (I couldn’t resist – sorry), and Sterling took notice.  After multiple rejections to set up a formal meeting, Don got clever and bombarded Sterling in the Sterling Cooper office lobby.  After convincing Sterling to share an AM drink with him, Don had a bit of success in the charm department.  The next morning, Don reports for his first day of work – which he insisted was Roger’s idea during their boozy breakfast.  Clever, Don.  Very clever.

Back to the present…

Don: Mr. Draper excitedly won an advertising award for his “Billy the Kid” GlowCoat campaign.  After several celebratory drinks, he arrives back at the office for a meeting with LIFE cereal.  They were not too keen on Don’s clever slogan, so drunken Don spat out a few phrases off the cuff.   Without thinking, Don offers “The cure for the common breakfast”, which was unintentionally stolen from a young interviewee who Don and Peggy wrote off just that morning.

Peggy: Ms. Olsen has been slightly bitter – she played a huge role in the GlowCoat campaign, yet she got no recognition during the award process.  She also has to deal with their cocky new art director.  This guy’s a real piece of work, but Peggy takes him down a notch during their weekend-long cram session for a campaign deadline.  This guy claims to be above all else, yet when Peggy calls his bluff, it turns out he isn’t as liberated as he seems to let on.  Peggy stripped down to her bobby-pins and confidently continued to work.  Mr. Hot-shot art director followed her lead, but sat silent as his uncontrollable boner prevented him from feeling comfortable – especially considering Peggy’s constant jabs.

Pete: Mr. Campbell continues to play grown-up and is on the edge of his nerves when rumors begin that his old colleague/nemesis, Ken Cosgrove, may be coming back to town.  At first, Pete thinks it’s a merger – but they actually made the decision, without Pete’s knowledge, to hire Cosgrove to join the SCDP team.  Don’t worry, Howdy Doody kicked his feet up on the desk and drilled the idea into Ken’s head that he would have to respect and answer to his superiors.  What a douche.

I think that’s about it for this week.  As usual, the Mad Men next-on revels zero information, so it’s basically a mystery until next week!

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