Earth to Mars!!! Kristen Bell lobbies for a ‘Veronica Mars’ movie!

Posted by Jon Wiener on September 3, 2010

I remember tweeting last week (@heypopstrike) about how much I enjoy Veronica Mars, the mid-2000′s series about a private eye high-schooler in the fictional town of Neptune, CA.  The show lasted 3 seasons – 2 on UPN and 1 on The CW.  Veronica (Kristen Bell) bopped from episode to episode, solving mysteries of various magnitudes with her menagerie of friends, enemies and family.

It is difficult to find an episode of Veronica Mars that is unenjoyable.  In fact, I dare anybody to find one.  It is for this reason that the world asks, “why isn’t there a Veronica Mars movie?”  It’s been several years since we last left Veronica at college.  Is she in the FBI now?  CIA?  These are things we MUST know!

This week on twitter, Kristen Bell raised the question and urged fans to demand Warner Bros. to make a VM flick.  There’s a facebook page/petition and requests for twitter-blasts to @wbpictures.   Kristen Bell has consistently been in movies since her VM days – there is no doubt that people would go see the film.  The idea’s been out there for years…let’s finally use the internet to make it happen.

Veronica Mars fans & cast…we must rise up to Warner Bros and chant:

A long time ago, we used to be friends…

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