This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Suitcase

Posted by Jon Wiener on September 6, 2010

Mad Men gets a big STRIKE ONE in my book, due to the appearance of a surprise ghost.  It was sadly during a drunken night-vision from Don of his (now late) confidant, Anna.  That’s right – the one person who truly knows Don Draper has passed away, possibly opening up a new window (or door -hence the symbolic last shot) into his life.  Here’s what went down…

Don Draper: After turning down his team’s best ideas for a new Samsonite commercial, Don receives a message from his geriatric secretary that he missed an urgent call from Stephanie.  Stephanie is Anna’s niece out in LA.  This could really only mean one thing – that Anna’s bone cancer has officially beaten her.  As the day progresses, Don drowns himself in booze and Samsonite in an effort to put off the inevitable phone call.

Peggy: As much as the Samsonite campaign is a convenient distraction for Don, it almost ruins Peggy’s night…the night of her 26th birthday!  Don, unknowing of Peggy’s birthday (and evening plans) demands that Peggy stay until they figure out the perfect campaign for Samsonite.  During their all-nighter, the two discuss their lives.  Peggy tells Don that everybody assumed that they were banging when she was his secretary.  Don admits that she’s “cute as hell”, but it’s clear that Don has actual respect for her.

Peggy’s night was eventful for a few other reasons.  Turns out her boyfriend, Mark, set up a surprise dinner for her with himself and her family.  Even after storming out of the office to try to get there, she decided to stay and work with Don – resulting in an awkward phone break-up.

Also, Mr. Duck Phillips stopped by.  After buying Peggy a set of business cards for “Phillips-Olson Agency”, he drunkenly found her and attempted to shit in [what he thought was] Don’s office.  Duck and Don got into a crazy fist fight, but Peggy gave Duck the ol’ boot.

Don and Peggy also bonded over a found tape filled with Roger’s dictation for his autobiography.  They had a laugh over the tape in general — AND the newly learned fact that Cooper doesn’t have any testicles.

THAT should set you up for next week’s episode.  I have a feeling that Mad Men is going to keep getting better.  Let’s just hope they can erase that strike from their record!

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