DC Multiverse spills out of your TV!

Posted by Rob Noble on October 18, 2010

It’s true! DC sent out his week’s issues with a preview of the new Superman: Earth One storyline.  I don’t think the world needs any more new Superman origin stories, but I am glad to see the latest DC Multiverse finally take on some personality.  So there’s that, then there’s Pax Americana, in which Grant Morrison takes the new DC Multiverse back to the Charlton Comics days. So, Earth-1 and Earth-4 are getting some face time these days.  Great.  Sounds easy.  Write a comic, claim it’s out of continuity, then change your mind and claim the whole thing’s on an alternate Earth.

But here’s an unheralded first: The newest DC cartoon to hit the airwaves, Young Justice, will be canon to the comics.  Although some reports are sketchy on this, one interpretation of the following gives canon authority, as in ‘this is what’s happening on Earth-16’, to a cartoon series.  For weirdo continuity buffs like myself, this is akin to the 1970’s Superfriends being accepted as one of the Earths destroyed in the original Crisis.  On io9, the producers namedropped their exact position in the DC multiverse:

‘We’re set on Earth 16 in the DC multiverse and we’re sort of making ours a young universe.’

As far as I’m concerned, this is an absolute first.  Previous DC animated series and movies were vague but determined in their positions “outside of comics continuity.”  I’d worship the Bruce Timm DCAU like a religion if I could, but I never seriously considered a cross-universe team up between the JLU and whatever DC’s print division was pumping out that month.  Will wonders never cease!

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