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Posted by Jon Wiener on January 27, 2011

Photo by Robyn Von Swank

Doug Benson is busier than ever these days; touring the globe doing stand-up, regularly recording CDs/DVDs, recording his weekly podcast (Doug Loves Movies) and working on his television show, The Benson Interruption.  When he’s not doing all of that, he’s surely watching movies…probably with his friend “Mary Jane”.

Benson has been in the entertainment industry for more years that you would believe – after a slow start as an extra in movies like Blade Runner, he continued to pursue his love of comedy within a circle of some of today’s biggest names.  As web tools like Podcasts and Twitter became the norm, Benson’s popularity boosted, ultimately landing him his own show on Comedy Central.

I was able to shoot Doug a few questions via email and I couldn’t be more excited for what Doug will have to offer the world in the future.  As long as there are new ways to expose talent, Doug Benson will surely be at the forefront.

Those who are familiar with your body of work most likely fall into a certain subculture (420-friendly comedy nerds).  To what other types of audiences might you also like to appeal?

People who like movies, and pop culture in general, and people who are not afraid of laughter.

Your 2007 documentary, Super High Me, was based on a joke from your act.  Are there any jokes from your current act that you would like to translate to a film or TV series?

Yes, all of them! But the one I’d really like to get off the ground is The Dank Night. That would be a movie/tv series/comic book/diner placemat about a dude who fights crime by staying at home and minding his own business.

The Benson Interruption began many years ago as a live show, which recently evolved into a late-night Comedy Central program.  What might the future bring for your podcast, Doug Loves Movies?

I don’t know, I’m just happy with what it is now. Podcasting is a gift from the heavens for a comedian. Because you can say anything you want, and then just put it out there on the internet and see what happens. No censors, no executives, just me saying stupid stuff and then releasing it to the world.

I first became aware of your work when you had the I Love Movies column on [the now deceased]  Did you have any idea that these short reviews would later become one of today’s most popular podcasts?

No. I just try to do what I like to do and hope people like it. If it turns into something more, great. But those reviews were just a chance to say things like: “FLIGHT PLAN – They should’ve called it PANIC PLANE and then not made it.” That’s one of the only ones I can remember.

On Doug Loves Movies, you are loyal to Leonard Maltin’s iPhone app, even to the point that you created a game* named for the famed critic (and co-star of Gremlins 2: The New Batch).  How did this game come about?  Have you ever tried using different apps for the game?

It started out as something I’d do with my friends. We’d sit around with the Len Maltin Movie Guide book – this was waaaaaaay before apps – and just list the cast from the bottom up and try to guess what movie it was. Haven’t tried using other apps, although the IMDB app helps me sometimes in filling up the birthday categories. All of this probably makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t heard the podcast.

Hypocritical Oaf is your most recent album, released this past August, not long after your previous album, Unbalanced Load, which was released not long after Professional Humoredian.  When can we expect a new Doug Benson comedy album?

This year! I’m going to record an album a year on 4/20 until I’m dead or people don’t want me to anymore or both.

The Benson Interruption can currently be found on iTunes @ $2.99/episode or $16 for the entire season.

While you’re there, check out his albums ($9.99 each) and the critically acclaimed (and FREE) Doug Loves Movies podcast.

*On Benson’s podcast, he plays “The Leonard Maltin” game with his celebrity guests.  Basically, contestants have to guess the name of a movie based on its genre and a short list of actors.

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