FYI: Impressive BATMAN Fan-Films Exist!

Posted by Jon Wiener on October 9, 2011

Sunday morning – surfing the net – minding my owns…

What’s this?  A series of unofficial Batman movies executed on a shoestring budget?  These must be awful!  Here’s the catch, readers…they’re actually pretty darn good.

Bat In The Sun

BAT IN THE SUN PRODUCTIONS was founded by father/son duo Sean and Aaron Schoenke about 10 years ago.  Though they’ve dabbled in other productions, they really found their niche in Batman “fan films”, which is the motion picture equivalent to fan fiction.

It seems like these guys just slam their hearts and souls into each production and deserve to be recognized.  Maybe if word gets around enough, the Schoenkes can eventually get snatched up by DC or Warner Bros to work on some official Batman films.

It’s kind of amazing how far some people take their passions and can inspire others to follow their lead.  Bat in the Sun calls upon numerous volunteers and barely-paid hands to do everything from scout locations to star in the films.  Embedded below is their newest film, Seeds of Arkham.  While watching, keep in mind that this was made with hardly any money…

Seeds of Arkham by Batinthesun

Also, these guys formed a Kickstarter page to fund an unofficial Batman webseries.  I am a big fan of kickstarter and group-funding in general.  Involving the audience on a more personal level just may be the next wave of filmmaking. Their page is definitely worth at least checking out the video to see how they compose some of their shots…

Click HERE for the BAT IN THE SUN kickstarter page

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