The Cabin in the Woods – The Safe-to-Read Review!

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum April 19, 2012
The latest from M.C. Escher's architect.

Don’t watch the trailers.  Don’t read any reviews (except this one).  If you’re a fan of horror movies, or if you’re not but a some good natured gore doesn’t bother you terribly – and if you enjoy being delighted (my audience was squealing, giggling and applauding) – drop any expectations or preconcieved notions, good or [...]

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The Hunger Games – Don’t Eat a Big Meal Beforehand

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum April 3, 2012
Roasted Mockingjay!!

Thanks for the headache, jerks.  I was pretty sure that the near dystopian future would not only be plagued by evil reality television show producers (is there another kind?) and a sadistic government (ditto?), but who knew that it would also suffer from perpetual earthquakes.  Poor Katniss Everdeen, the camera shakes as she battles baddies, [...]

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FYI: Impressive BATMAN Fan-Films Exist!

Posted by Jon Wiener October 9, 2011
BITS Thumb

Sunday morning – surfing the net – minding my owns… What’s this?  A series of unofficial Batman movies executed on a shoestring budget?  These must be awful!  Here’s the catch, readers…they’re actually pretty darn good. BAT IN THE SUN PRODUCTIONS was founded by father/son duo Sean and Aaron Schoenke about 10 years ago.  Though they’ve [...]

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New Planet of the Apes won’t match classic’s take on futuristic fashion

Posted by Rob Noble August 11, 2011

One of the things I love most about science fiction set in the “near future” is how far off the mark they are fashion-wise. In so many movies, the day-after-tomorrow clothing choices seem like a mid-1970′s Ben Cooper Halloween costume.   Leaving behind the silver unitard look, other movies follow a stylishly utopian theme (ala [...]

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The Adjustment Bureau – better than it looks!

Posted by Rob Noble February 27, 2011
The Adjustment Bureau

The latest big-budget Philip K Dick adaptation, The Adjustment Bureau, opens March 4th, but I’ve seen it already and wanted to give a heads up (but not a review) to anyone who thinks they might like it.  Worried that the trailer’s a little too shallow and crappy to actually be worth your time? Exhale – [...]

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RIP, Dwayne McDuffie

Posted by Rob Noble February 27, 2011
Dwayne McDuffie

Aw man, Dwayne McDuffie has died.  A veteran of Marvel, DC and the founder of the Milestone funnybooks, he’d been responsible for some of the best, most ethnically-diverse characters and story arcs of the past 15 years.  I came on board as a DMD fan a little late, having given up on superhero comics through [...]

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‘HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE’: an Indie Romance Comedy Done Right

Posted by Jon Wiener February 10, 2011

There has been a lot of buzz about HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE, the debut film from How I Met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor.  Though I tend to roll my eyes at the never-ending downpour of indie romance comedies that are churned out by the dozen, HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE surprised me with originality and above-average performances. It was hard, at first, [...]

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Liked Gremlins? You’ll looooove Rare Exports

Posted by Rob Noble January 8, 2011
Rare Exports

The list of great, scary, funny Christmas horror movies that aren’t slasher flicks is pretty small.  There’s Gremlins, and there’s almost nothing else.  If someone’s got more names for the list, I’m drawing a blank.  Die Hard? Action, not horror.  Nightmare Before Christmas?  That’s Halloween, folks.   But now, we’ve got Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.  [...]

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‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Featuring ‘Inception’s’ Score (The Internet is Finally Complete)

Posted by Jon Wiener January 6, 2011
Ghostbusters / Inception

YouTuber, Rothejfunk, has brilliantly created a new trailer for the 1984 Action-Comedy hit Ghostbusters using “Mind Heist”, a Hans Zimmer track off the amazing Inception soundtrack.  Zimmer’s score has become a sensation; it has been nominated for a Golden Globe, Grammy and Satellite Award.  The verdict is still out, but I would be shocked if [...]

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‘Blue Valentine’: Grittier than ‘True Grit’

Posted by Jon Wiener January 2, 2011
Blue Valentine

Before I knew what Blue Valentine was, I knew of its controversy.  For those who are unaware, Blue Valentine includes a scene in which Ryan Gosling’s character, Dean, performs oral sex on Michelle Williams’ character, Cindy.  Although the scene is not graphic and includes zero nudity, the MPAA (whose rating system is diminishing in importance) [...]

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