Joaquin Phoenix to appear on Letterman: pray for greatness

Posted by Jon Wiener September 13, 2010
Joaquin Street Art

The last time Joaquin Phoenix showed up on Letterman’s couch, he was debuting his new-look and announced his career change to become a hip-hop artist.  We all now know that he was presenting us with some meta advertising for his documentary with Casey Affleck, I’m Still Here.  On the 22nd, I hope to have my [...]

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The American struck big at the box office – but is it right for you?

Posted by Jon Wiener September 8, 2010
The American!

You always hear about the one guy at the strip-club who thinks that the girl REALLY likes him.  Nine times out of….um…nine, it’s all a rouse.  I guess the exception to this general rule is any character played by George Clooney.  Allow for me to explain… Clooney plays Jack, a seasoned weapons expert who is [...]

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How low can you go? ‘Get Low’ raises the bar!

Posted by Jon Wiener September 7, 2010
Get Low!

I don’t usually find myself drawn to period-piece films, but when Robery Duvall and Bill Murray star in one, it’s hard to pass up.  Without regard to the cast, Get Low turned out to be pretty fantastic. Get Low is the story of Felix Bush (Duvall) who plans to throw himself a living funeral – [...]

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Earth to Mars!!! Kristen Bell lobbies for a ‘Veronica Mars’ movie!

Posted by Jon Wiener September 3, 2010
Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell, Warner Bros, Twitter, facebook, UPN, CW

I remember tweeting last week (@heypopstrike) about how much I enjoy Veronica Mars, the mid-2000′s series about a private eye high-schooler in the fictional town of Neptune, CA.  The show lasted 3 seasons – 2 on UPN and 1 on The CW.  Veronica (Kristen Bell) bopped from episode to episode, solving mysteries of various magnitudes [...]

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Geeks Rejoice! ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Kicks Ass!

Posted by Jon Wiener August 22, 2010
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This summer has been filled with its share of garbage, but a few films have been noticeably mind-blowing.  The Expendables rocked the box office, Piranha 3D changed campy horror genre and Inception infiltrated our subconscious.  Sneaking into the box office ranks was Edgar Wright’s (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) astonishing comic adaptation, Scott Pilgrim [...]

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10 Reasons to see ‘Piranha 3D’

Posted by Jon Wiener August 22, 2010
Piranha 3D

In the past couple of years, Hollywood has truly figured out how to convince the world to start going to the movie theater again.  What’s responsible?  The advances in 3D film technologies.  Avatar kicked it off and there are many movies on the horizon that are ready to blow our minds (fuck yeah, Harry Potter!!!).  [...]

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Get Carter…seriously!

Posted by Jon Wiener August 10, 2010
Pull the trigger...

Some of the biggest news in Hollywood lately is the questionable fate of MGM and the James Bond franchise of movies.  It’s no secret that MGM has had its share of near-death experiences and resurrections.  The iconic studio, however, is facing bankruptcy due to a debt of over $400 million.  Yikes. MGM controls the James [...]

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‘Yogi Bear’ Poster is released…and homoerotic!

Posted by Jon Wiener August 5, 2010
Yogi Bear

California’s surely adjusts according to political news. Especially when it comes to tag-lines for childrens movies… You would have to think that somebody would have said something.  I guess not.

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What is ‘Battle: Los Angeles’?

Posted by Jon Wiener August 3, 2010
Battle: Los Angeles

There’s a new viral marketing campaign for a movie called Battle: Los Angeles.  What seems like your standard alien-invasion movie is being advertised with posters featuring classic alien/UFO sightings from history tagged with, which brings you to Sony’s website advertising the film, which is due to come out in 2011. I would like to [...]

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It should have at least bought me dinner first…

Posted by Jon Wiener August 1, 2010
Dinner for Schmucks

I will honestly say that I had zero expectations for Dinner for Schmucks, the box office success of the weekend.  It looked like a disappointing movie, but I gave it a chance, nonetheless.  I left the theater even more disappointed than expected.  Please, allow for me to explain… Dinner for Schmucks had a cast SO [...]

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