New Planet of the Apes won’t match classic’s take on futuristic fashion

Posted by Rob Noble August 11, 2011

One of the things I love most about science fiction set in the “near future” is how far off the mark they are fashion-wise. In so many movies, the day-after-tomorrow clothing choices seem like a mid-1970′s Ben Cooper Halloween costume.   Leaving behind the silver unitard look, other movies follow a stylishly utopian theme (ala [...]

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Mattel’s Longest-Lasting Superhero Toy Line Comes To an End

Posted by Rob Noble June 3, 2011

The country’s biggest toy convention, NYC’s Toy Fair, was last month and although I didn’t go, I did read the press releases and reviews that came out of it. Lots of ink was spilled discussing the new Masters of the Universe figures and Green Lantern tie-ins, but the biggest news to me was also the [...]

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Portlandia – Disinformation at its finest

Posted by Rob Noble March 11, 2011

So Portlandia’s gone until next season, with IFC promising ten more episodes of the Fred Armisen/Carrie Brownstein sketch “comedy” show next January.  I’m going to put comedy in quotes here, because “mostly improv with wildly varying degrees of actual writing” is too wordy, and might make me look like a douche.  Portland’s reaction to Portlandia [...]

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Doom Patrol’s Negative Man guest-stars on Fringe!

Posted by Rob Noble March 9, 2011

With Fringe on hiatus until next month, I thought I’d re-watch some old episodes and spackle those holes in my knowledge of the show’s deep, DC comics-inspired backstory. I’ve written before about the preponderance of DC superheroes and supervillains that keep making cameos.  From the Crisis on Infinite Earths plotlines to the WW2 super-speedsters, this [...]

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RIP, Dwayne McDuffie

Posted by Rob Noble February 27, 2011
Dwayne McDuffie

Aw man, Dwayne McDuffie has died.  A veteran of Marvel, DC and the founder of the Milestone funnybooks, he’d been responsible for some of the best, most ethnically-diverse characters and story arcs of the past 15 years.  I came on board as a DMD fan a little late, having given up on superhero comics through [...]

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Feel Free to Interrupt…

Posted by Jon Wiener January 27, 2011
Doug Benson!

Doug Benson is busier than ever these days; touring the globe doing stand-up, regularly recording CDs/DVDs, recording his weekly podcast (Doug Loves Movies) and working on his television show, The Benson Interruption.  When he’s not doing all of that, he’s surely watching movies…probably with his friend “Mary Jane”. Benson has been in the entertainment industry [...]

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Tammy Pescatelli is Coming to Your Telly!

Posted by Jon Wiener January 19, 2011
Tammy Pescatelli!

I recently had the pleasure of having a chat with comedian Tammy Pescatelli.  She’s been in the business for years, appearing on television and across the country at countless comedy clubs.  Tammy’s latest passion is being a mother and wife – and her new experiences are giving her comedy a new perspective.  She never wanted [...]

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Let’s talk about ‘Young Justice’ Ep0102

Posted by Rob Noble January 16, 2011
Young Justice

So last week saw the official 2-part premiere of Young Justice, the latest DC animated series from Warner Bros. For those of you needing a recap, see some of my thoughts here, but I’d like to do something other than a straight-up review. I’ll probably end up reviewing most (if not all) of the episodes [...]

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Wain’s World!

Posted by Jon Wiener November 30, 2010
David Wain interview!

Since the 90s, Director/Producer/Actor, David Wain has been churning out some of the freshest, most absurd comedy since it was invented by the Greeks (and then perfected by the late Leslie Nielsen).  I managed to get Wain on the phone for a few minutes during one of his last days filming Wanderlust in Atlanta. Who [...]

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DC Multiverse spills out of your TV!

Posted by Rob Noble October 18, 2010
Young Justice

It’s true! DC sent out his week’s issues with a preview of the new Superman: Earth One storyline.  I don’t think the world needs any more new Superman origin stories, but I am glad to see the latest DC Multiverse finally take on some personality.  So there’s that, then there’s Pax Americana, in which Grant [...]

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