Somewhere, somehow…

Posted by Jon Wiener December 26, 2010

Have you ever seen Lawrence of Arabia?  It’s 216 minutes.  The first 3 minutes is a scene in which Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) sits on his motorcycle and enjoys a seemingly peaceful drive through the English countryside.  He looks great – you know instantly that this is somebody of importance.  He exudes cool to the point [...]

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True Grit: Not Just an Amazing Trailer

Posted by Jon Wiener December 25, 2010
True Grit!

If you’re anything like me, you’re a huge Coen Brothers fan.  They have an amazing track record: Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?, A Serious Man, Fargo, No Country for Old Men, The Hudsucker Proxy, Raising Arizona, etc. When you catch wind of a new Coen Bros. movie, you know that [...]

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Wain’s World!

Posted by Jon Wiener November 30, 2010
David Wain interview!

Since the 90s, Director/Producer/Actor, David Wain has been churning out some of the freshest, most absurd comedy since it was invented by the Greeks (and then perfected by the late Leslie Nielsen).  I managed to get Wain on the phone for a few minutes during one of his last days filming Wanderlust in Atlanta. Who [...]

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Holy Shit! Harry Potter!

Posted by Jon Wiener November 19, 2010
Harry Potter!!!

It seems like a lifetime ago when the last Harry Potter movie came out (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), so there was quite a bit of excitement when I lined up with a bunch of teen-aged nerds, anxiously awaiting to moment that the theater doors would open for our 12:01 am show.  As I [...]

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Aaron Karo, Comedian: An Interview

Posted by Jon Wiener November 1, 2010
Aaron Karo, comedian

For those who don’t already know, Aaron Karo has been on the comedy scene for over a decade, having started his “Ruminations” email list in 1997, ultimately resulting in the majorly successful Ruminations.com.  After publishing 3 books (Ruminations on Twentysomething Life, Ruminations on College Life and I’m Having More Fun Than You), a CD (Just [...]

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DC Multiverse spills out of your TV!

Posted by Rob Noble October 18, 2010
Young Justice

It’s true! DC sent out his week’s issues with a preview of the new Superman: Earth One storyline.  I don’t think the world needs any more new Superman origin stories, but I am glad to see the latest DC Multiverse finally take on some personality.  So there’s that, then there’s Pax Americana, in which Grant [...]

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Batman: The (NOT) So Old West Years

Posted by Rob Noble October 13, 2010

Ah, Grant Morrison.  Love him or hate him (and I love him), he’s just a man – and there’s no way around the needs of comics’ story-telling machinery when writing a 6-issue run.  Some critics are chafing at the delays in getting these issues out, but I’m all for delays in the writing and production [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: Blowing Smoke

Posted by Jon Wiener October 11, 2010

This week’s cleverly titled episode of Mad Men focuses on the aftermath of Lucky Strike cigarettes leaving Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce after 25 cancerous years of loyal advertising.  Once the company flew the coop (not a bad nickname for the company, eh?), our favorite ad men are left scrounging desperately for any big ticket account [...]

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Zack Snyder chosen to direct Superman reboot!

Posted by Jon Wiener October 4, 2010

Zack Snyder, the man who brought us 300 and Watchmen is supposedly signed on to direct the Superman reboot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  News and rumors regarding the new Superman film have been flying around for many months, especially considering Christopher Nolan’s commitment to produce.  After breathing an entirely new life to the Batman [...]

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Comedian, Greg Giraldo dead at 44

Posted by Jon Wiener September 29, 2010
RIP Greg Giraldo

As much as it saddens me to follow up an article about a serial killer television show with unfortunate news such as this, Greg Giraldo has just passed away in his hospital room in New Brunswick, NJ.  Giraldo, known mostly for his appearances on Last Comic Standing and as a frequent roaster on Comedy Central, [...]

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