Dexter is Back!!! Watch it Immediately!

Posted by Jon Wiener September 29, 2010

It’s been a long hiatus since we last saw our favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), kneeling aside the bloody bathtub that contained his wife, Rita (Julie Benz).  During this time, Hall fell victim to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer that attacks blood cells.  Fortunately for Hall, his fans, and his wife/co-star [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: Hands and Knees

Posted by Jon Wiener September 27, 2010

Every Sunday night, I turn on Mad Men expecting a unique and engaging hour of drama with a hint of comedy.  Lately, especially with the farcical death of Don’s elderly assistant, Mrs. Blankenship, we have had a bit more comedy than usual.  Such wasn’t the case in last night’s episode, “Hands and Knees”. The word [...]

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Batman: the Return of Bruce Wayne – Now more Piratey!

Posted by Rob Noble September 19, 2010
Bruce Wayne

Batman continues his great running leap through time in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3.  While numbers 1 and 2 concerned themselves mostly with the mechanics of Bruce’s time-traveling (where has he landed this time?  Puritan-era Gotham?  On it!), number 3 begins to explore not just the how and the where but the why [...]

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Joaquin Phoenix to appear on Letterman: pray for greatness

Posted by Jon Wiener September 13, 2010
Joaquin Street Art

The last time Joaquin Phoenix showed up on Letterman’s couch, he was debuting his new-look and announced his career change to become a hip-hop artist.  We all now know that he was presenting us with some meta advertising for his documentary with Casey Affleck, I’m Still Here.  On the 22nd, I hope to have my [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Summer Man

Posted by Jon Wiener September 12, 2010
Mad Men!

Let’s start at the tippy-top…before we see any actual content in this week’s Mad Men, the screen warns of brief nudity.  Before you get excited (Joan?) or grossed out (Glen?!?!), settle down…it’s just a pressed ham that is neither tantalizing nor disturbing (GLEN?!?!?!?). Brief nudity aside, I want to stress how taken I was by [...]

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The American struck big at the box office – but is it right for you?

Posted by Jon Wiener September 8, 2010
The American!

You always hear about the one guy at the strip-club who thinks that the girl REALLY likes him.  Nine times out of….um…nine, it’s all a rouse.  I guess the exception to this general rule is any character played by George Clooney.  Allow for me to explain… Clooney plays Jack, a seasoned weapons expert who is [...]

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How low can you go? ‘Get Low’ raises the bar!

Posted by Jon Wiener September 7, 2010
Get Low!

I don’t usually find myself drawn to period-piece films, but when Robery Duvall and Bill Murray star in one, it’s hard to pass up.  Without regard to the cast, Get Low turned out to be pretty fantastic. Get Low is the story of Felix Bush (Duvall) who plans to throw himself a living funeral – [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Suitcase

Posted by Jon Wiener September 6, 2010
Mad Men!  The Suitcase

Mad Men gets a big STRIKE ONE in my book, due to the appearance of a surprise ghost.  It was sadly during a drunken night-vision from Don of his (now late) confidant, Anna.  That’s right – the one person who truly knows Don Draper has passed away, possibly opening up a new window (or door [...]

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Earth to Mars!!! Kristen Bell lobbies for a ‘Veronica Mars’ movie!

Posted by Jon Wiener September 3, 2010
Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell, Warner Bros, Twitter, facebook, UPN, CW

I remember tweeting last week (@heypopstrike) about how much I enjoy Veronica Mars, the mid-2000′s series about a private eye high-schooler in the fictional town of Neptune, CA.  The show lasted 3 seasons – 2 on UPN and 1 on The CW.  Veronica (Kristen Bell) bopped from episode to episode, solving mysteries of various magnitudes [...]

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This Week on ‘Entourage’: Porn Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

Posted by Jon Wiener September 1, 2010
Lloyd & Coke & Entourage

Ari gets a call He is visibly upset He still answers it I hope you all enjoyed my haiku.  Anybody who regularly watches Entourage knows that at least once per episode, Ari receives a call, sees who is calling, throws a silent tantrum, and then answers the call.  It’s Piven’s signature move…and it’s hilarious. This [...]

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