‘Entourage’ Re-cap: Bottoms Up

Posted by Jon Wiener August 2, 2010
Johnny Drama!

Entourage is now 5 episodes deep into it’s 7th season and each episode contains more bang than the last.  This definitely holds true in “Bottoms Up”, considering all of the dirty dirty plot-lines.  Allow for me to explain… Vince: The leader of the pack is riding high on his many successes and does not hesitate [...]

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Entourage Re-Cap: here we go again!

Posted by Jon Wiener July 19, 2010

Another week has gone by on Entourage and we already have more questions than we do answers.  Before we try to figure out what will happen next, let’s re-cap.  Shall we? Vince: Vince is more reckless than ever!  He bought a motorcycle and a dinosaur skull.  Seriously.  He’s also been hanging out with E’s co-worker/nemesis, [...]

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This season on ‘Entourage’ (so far)

Posted by Jon Wiener July 12, 2010
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Back in 2004, the world was introduced to a group of arrogant dudes from Queens who suddenly became the luckiest assholes on the planet after moving to Los Angeles.  For those of you who need the lowdown, Entourage was created to be a male-version of Sex and the City.  HBO had a good thing going [...]

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