This Week on ‘Mad Men’: Blowing Smoke

Posted by Jon Wiener October 11, 2010

This week’s cleverly titled episode of Mad Men focuses on the aftermath of Lucky Strike cigarettes leaving Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce after 25 cancerous years of loyal advertising.  Once the company flew the coop (not a bad nickname for the company, eh?), our favorite ad men are left scrounging desperately for any big ticket account [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: Hands and Knees

Posted by Jon Wiener September 27, 2010

Every Sunday night, I turn on Mad Men expecting a unique and engaging hour of drama with a hint of comedy.  Lately, especially with the farcical death of Don’s elderly assistant, Mrs. Blankenship, we have had a bit more comedy than usual.  Such wasn’t the case in last night’s episode, “Hands and Knees”. The word [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Summer Man

Posted by Jon Wiener September 12, 2010
Mad Men!

Let’s start at the tippy-top…before we see any actual content in this week’s Mad Men, the screen warns of brief nudity.  Before you get excited (Joan?) or grossed out (Glen?!?!), settle down…it’s just a pressed ham that is neither tantalizing nor disturbing (GLEN?!?!?!?). Brief nudity aside, I want to stress how taken I was by [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Suitcase

Posted by Jon Wiener September 6, 2010
Mad Men!  The Suitcase

Mad Men gets a big STRIKE ONE in my book, due to the appearance of a surprise ghost.  It was sadly during a drunken night-vision from Don of his (now late) confidant, Anna.  That’s right – the one person who truly knows Don Draper has passed away, possibly opening up a new window (or door [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: Waldorf Stories

Posted by Jon Wiener August 29, 2010
Mad Men!!!!!

Mad Men did a little something different this week.  Don’t worry, they still are filling their quota of 2 mentions of the word “shit” per episode.  We, for the first time, found out HOW Don Draper got into advertising.  This story is extracted from Roger Sterling’s mind, as if he was Dumbledore, peering into his [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Posted by Jon Wiener August 22, 2010
Mad Men!!!!

Every week, I am forced to say to anybody who will listen, “There is not a single bad episode of Mad Men“.  I said it to a friend at a party last night and I repeat myself, one episode later.  Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, has created characters so interesting that the details of their [...]

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This Week on ‘Mad Men’: The Rejected

Posted by Jon Wiener August 15, 2010

Another exciting week in and around the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office.  We shared some good news and bad news while the world crumbles around Don Draper and the galaxy that he controls.  We were also blessed with a Betty-free episode, which (according to the Next On) will not last much longer.  Let’s break this [...]

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‘Mad Men’ Re-cap: “The Good News”

Posted by Jon Wiener August 9, 2010
Mad Men!

It’s New Years and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is spending it the most tantalizing of ways.  It seems as if our belated Christmas present this week was the lack of Betty and the inclusion of the original Mrs. Draper, Anna.  Remember her?  When Don was still Dick Whitman, his war buddy died in combat.  Seeking [...]

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This week on ‘Mad Men’: Christmas Comes but Once A Year

Posted by Jon Wiener August 1, 2010
Mad Men!

This week’s episode of Mad Men brings up a few familiar issues, one of which shares a name with Don Draper’s favorite drink, the Old Fashioned.  In case you have forgotten, Don is now divorced and calling some of the shots at Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Price advertising firm.  Why don’t I cut the shit [...]

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Mad Men: There Will Be Slaps

Posted by Jon Wiener July 26, 2010
Mad Men

It’s one year since we last saw Don Draper and the world that revolves around him.  When we last met, Don (Jon Hamm) was entering a messy divorce from Betty (January Jones), who is now married (?) to Henry (Christopher Stanley).  The kids are a mess.  Their daughter Sally (Kiernan Shipka) is a mega-mess.  Don [...]

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