The Cabin in the Woods – The Safe-to-Read Review!

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum April 19, 2012
The latest from M.C. Escher's architect.

Don’t watch the trailers.  Don’t read any reviews (except this one).  If you’re a fan of horror movies, or if you’re not but a some good natured gore doesn’t bother you terribly – and if you enjoy being delighted (my audience was squealing, giggling and applauding) – drop any expectations or preconcieved notions, good or [...]

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The Hunger Games – Don’t Eat a Big Meal Beforehand

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum April 3, 2012
Roasted Mockingjay!!

Thanks for the headache, jerks.  I was pretty sure that the near dystopian future would not only be plagued by evil reality television show producers (is there another kind?) and a sadistic government (ditto?), but who knew that it would also suffer from perpetual earthquakes.  Poor Katniss Everdeen, the camera shakes as she battles baddies, [...]

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The Adjustment Bureau – better than it looks!

Posted by Rob Noble February 27, 2011
The Adjustment Bureau

The latest big-budget Philip K Dick adaptation, The Adjustment Bureau, opens March 4th, but I’ve seen it already and wanted to give a heads up (but not a review) to anyone who thinks they might like it.  Worried that the trailer’s a little too shallow and crappy to actually be worth your time? Exhale – [...]

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What Could Inception’s Success Mean for Hollywood?

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum July 23, 2010
Is It Real, or is It Memorex?

Inception made $62.8 million domestically on opening weekend.  Not bad at all.  But as time marches on, we could find that that weekend will end up marking a turning point in Hollywood; fingers crossed.  What?  How?  Why?  Let’s start at the beginning of this experience. My favorite trailers give me a hint of the broad [...]

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Sexy Geek is the New Black: Adventures at Comic Con

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum May 3, 2010
Comic Con

The Wizard World Comic Con at the Anaheim Convention Center was just held the other weekend, April 16th through the 18th – same weekend as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was taking place deep in the California desert.  What an interesting contrast for weekend event planning.  It’s the geeks versus the stoners, while [...]

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The Trailer Park, No.001 – TRON Legacy

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum April 7, 2010
Thumbnail image for The Trailer Park, No.001 – TRON Legacy

Okay, this TRON Legacy teaser trailer is some cool shit.  I’m totally stoked and nothing’s going to keep me from standing in line on opening day (unless one of you hooks me up with a private screening – in which case you’ll have earned yourself a love slave or a Dr. Pepper). The first teaser [...]

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All is Not LOST… Yet?

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum February 12, 2010
LOST What?!

I’m scared of Lost.  I know that there are a lot of you out there who feel like I do.  I’ve been hurt before, and fearing the pain of past disappointments I enter into each new relationship with caution – watching for the signs.  Yes, when you’re a fan, you have a relationship with your entertainment.  [...]

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