Holy crap! Machete looks awesome.

Posted by Eric Gosselin July 8, 2010
Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin, Robert DeNiro, and (Introducting) Don Johnson. Wow. Sign me the fuck up. Machete started as one of the fake trailers in Grindhouse (I think we can all agree that they were the best part of the movie). Will this be able to sustain itself for 90 minutes, or will [...]

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Another ‘The Social Network’ trailer released. Seriously.

Posted by Jon Wiener July 8, 2010
Social Network

Well, there’s a new trailer out for The Social Network and it’s just as mysterious and self-indulgent at the first. The premise for the trailer is interesting: a series of chats between the key characters of the film.  They say a lot of things about money, getting sued, Harvard and idea-stealing.  Check it out… It [...]

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OPERATION: ENDGAME trailer released!

Posted by Jon Wiener July 7, 2010
Operation Endgame

The Operation: Endgame trailer is out and it looks pretty incredible.  The plot seems pretty basic: There are two teams of spies/assassins.  They want to kill one another.  Seems like some good old-fashioned action.  Here’s the kicker…it looks REALLY funny!  Get a load of this cast… Zack Galifinakis (G-Force, The Hangover, Out Cold), Adam Scott [...]

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New Harry Potterness…Accio 3D Glasses!

Posted by Jon Wiener July 2, 2010
Harry Potter 7

I think it’s safe to say that the Harry Potter books/film franchise is the coolest thing since sliced cucumbers.  The early days focus on a neglected nephew who lived under the stairs, and later becomes the most important wizard in the history of funny hats.  Over the course of 7 installments, Harry grows up and [...]

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Is the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer that scary

Posted by admin July 1, 2010
Paranormal Activity 2

The success of Paranormal Activity is the result of this nice gem (cough) of a film, creatively titled Paranormal Activity 2. According to reports it’s a little to scary for Texans and has been pulled from Cinemark Theaters in the Lone Star State. Here’s a little something to help our cowboy friends and clue them [...]

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“The Social Network” trailer released

Posted by Jon Wiener July 1, 2010

“Good grief”  – Charlie Brown “Give me a break” – Kit-Kat bar commercial “Get over yourself” – Shedaisy (the band)

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The Trailer Park, No.004 – The Green Hornet

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum June 27, 2010
Seth Rogen, Unleash Your Inner Hornet!

Hey!  Whoa!  Very first The Green Hornet trailer has just come out.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me it seemed to suddenly jump from “forgotten in development turn-around” to “coming soon” right outta nowhere.  Of course “coming soon” means January 2011. So what’s the story here?  What’s going on with [...]

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – 2nd Trailer

Posted by admin May 31, 2010
Scott Pilgrim

Edgar Wright released this second trailer after the films Facebook page reached it’s goal of 100,000 fans. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) falls in love with Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) but must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to win her true love. . This was the clip shown at the MTV Awards

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The Trailer Park, No.003 – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum May 23, 2010
Thumbnail image for The Trailer Park, No.003 – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Okay, this trailer is all flash bang boom.  Me likey.  Looks like high octane almost summer fun.  No, really.  Popcorn adventure in a cool dark cavernous room while the sun starts sizzling outside the theater?  Marvelous.  Sign me up and take my money.  If you like staring at Mr. Donnie Darko himself, Jake Gyllenhaal, this [...]

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The Trailer Park, No.002 – Robin Hood

Posted by Gabriel von Grünbaum May 13, 2010
Robin Hood 2010

Robin Hood.  Nope.  No thanks.  I’m good.  I’ve seen it in black white.  I’ve seen it as a cartoon.  I’ve seen it played by an American.  I’ve seen it parodied.  I think I’m good.  This is nothing against director Ridley Scott – love the man.  Love Alien (giddy about his just announced prequels!), Blade Runner [...]

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